I have been involved in the world of marketing since I was 19 years old when I inadvertently landed a job as a telemarketer for a prominent hotel group. Most people would have run a mile but I realised I had an uncanny knack for selling things. This made me excited to explore other marketing avenues and my career has been a whirlwind of marketing and PR since then.


For the past ten years I have been running my company, The Brand Boutique, handling marketing and PR for a number of small to medium sized businesses. 


I am also the Executive Producer at The Joneses, a production company I run with my Film Director husband, Greg.


When I am not wearing my marketing hat, I am lucky to be mom to our two girls, Amber and Sienna. And if I'm not with them or behind my desk, you’ll probably find me at CrossFit where I work on myself. Usually at 5.30 in the morning when I actually have the time.