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If you’re a fan of South African music, then you’re bound to be familiar with Al Bairre. Founded in 2012, Al Bairre’s goal was to take an indie band and turn it into an “ice cream of orchestral sounds”. 


I became involved in the band as their popularity was growing. With a tour to Joburg on the horizon, Al Bairre needed to seriously consider their publicity tactics to take their image and music to a new level. I came on board to assist them with their pre publicity before their tour, with the specific goal of garnering radio interviews and exposure in online and print media. In a short space of time I achieved much success, specifically with creating awareness on all the top radio stations with Al Bairre play listed on stations like TUKS FM, UJ FM as well as the more mainstream broadcasters like 5fm, a great start to a stellar tour schedule.


Al Bairre also commissioned me to develop and overhaul their brand, style, look and feel so that they could compete comfortably with the best in the business. The band underwent a complete overhaul, from hair to wardrobe (including a new pair of custom made brogues for Kyle, the lead guitarist), resulting in a fabulous overall look. I then coordinated a photoshoot for the band with photographer Marcos Cruz, well-known for his epic images of Kerry McGregor’s underwear range, Fondle. Together they created some fantastic shots, to be used in the bands PR and press kit. 


Final steps in the overhaul of Al Bairre include their logo and press kit design handled by Jana & Koos, one of Joburg’s hottest design studios that take concept and design to a new level.


Since taking to stages across the greater Cape region, Al Bairre has played numerous successful shows including the well-known and loved Kirstenbosch Summer Concert Series and has done numerous international gigs.


Sadly Al Bairre disbanded in 2017 on an all-time high, a collective decision by all the band members.